Tēnā Koutou, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Namaste, Ni sa bula, Noaia’e mauri, Fakalofa lahi atu, Kia Orana, Ni Hao, An Nyung Ha Sai Yo, Nay Ho, Hej, Hallo, Sawat Dee. Greetings to our school families.

Weekly Diary

Week 10: 23 Sept – 27 Sept

Tues 24.9 School Council Mufti day (details below)

Fri 27.9 Whole School Assembly 2:10pm in the hall (all welcome)

School holidays Saturday 28 September – Sunday 13 October

Welcome to our new student – we hope you enjoy your time at our school!

Tiko Burnell

Welcome to Mrs Usher, and a new class!

Our growth has really been unprecedented this year! To keep our class sizes reasonable, we have employed a new teacher, Mrs Sally Usher to work with our New Entrants. Currently Mrs Usher is working in Kauri 1 with Mrs Davies, building relationships with the students. As the start of Term 4, a new class will be formed in our Library, called Rimu 1. This will allow space for the remaining students still to join us this year, and ensure that they all get the same SBS welcome and experience upon arrival. Kauri 1 and Rimu 1 will continue to work extremely closely together, keeping the friendships already formed intact.  Mrs Usher is a wonderful asset to our school, and we are delighted she has joined us.

We will be getting new classes built next year to cope with our increased capacity, and are currently awaiting feedback on how many……and when!

Pedestrian Crossings in our Area

Miss Ramel met with Constable Bernie Watts, and representatives from Auckland Transport this week regarding changes and improvements to the pedestrian crossings in our area. It was a positive meeting with the following outcomes:

  • The Dawson Rd crossing, which we currently patrol before and after school will be moved much closer to the school. This is predicted to happen within the next 6 months (meaning that all driveways/builds currently underway should be completed by then). This will give our kids a safe place to cross for those heading out to Mahurangi East Rd, AND to those going into the new sub-division over the road. Shortly, we will start a “Kea Crossing” closer to the school, which we create using cones and flags, until the permanent crossing is constructed.
  • The Mahurangi East Road Crossing by Horizon School is being reviewed, and it looks likely that this will be raised into a “speed bump type” form, and painted in bright colours to make it more visible to motorists. The suggested time frame for this is up to 1 year.
  •  Currently there is no crossing to allow students heading to the Northern End of Snells Beach (Whisper Cove etc), until you get down to The Warehouse. Auckland Transport are investigating installing a crossing on Mahurangi East Rd,  just before Dalton Ave, where we cross to head down to swimming. This would make the trip home much safer for our students. The suggested time frame for this is up to 1 year.

Kahikatea 1 – Rockpool Experts

SBS kids are beach kids. Miss Ramel was invited to Kahikatea 1 this week, where they have been learning about sea life in rock pools, as part of their inquiry learning. Kids love sharing their knowledge, especially when they can accurately use “big scientific words”! There were plenty of volunteers to explain what they had learned – thank you to Alex E, Meredith C and Levi P for presenting on behalf of the class. If your child is in Kahikatea 1, try to pop in and view their knowledge wall – it really is impressive!

Earthworks next to the school

Unfortunately the earthworks happening directly next to the school are NOT a skatepark, our bike track, or any of the other great suggestions that our students have come up with. They are being carried out as part of the wastewater pipe project that many of you will have received information about in your letterboxes. Treated wastewater is going to be transferred along Mahurangi East Rd via a series of pipes, and then a tunnel system from just past the Scandrett’s turn-off, out to Kawau Bay. Information sheets are available at the office. The paddock next to school is being converted as a site base and storage area for the project. A large fence will be erected for safety, and pipes, building materials and portacoms will be put in place. The land is scheduled to be returned to park land by the end of July 2020. Miss Ramel will be contacting the Council to see if the car parking area currently under construction, can be left at the end of the project for use by our school families.

Year 3 Young Scientists

Our Year 3 Students from Manawa 1 and Nikau 2 have been getting out and about doing “real hands on Science” in our local streams and rivers lately. Last week they travelled in to Warkworth to look at the Mahurangi River. This week they were down near Whisper Cove in Snells Beach, checking our local stream for life and water quality. There was lots of excitement upon the discovery of several large eels, and inanga (whitebait). We believe this is how learning should be: practical doing, in our local area, making connections to form understanding. Thank you to Sophie and Sarah once again for their amazing knowledge and skills – it is wonderful for our students to have role models who share the excitement of Science with them. Huge thanks to Ms McDonald and Mrs Henchie for their organisation, and to all the parents who supported students on the days.

School Council – the voice of SBS kids

Our School Council have approached Miss Ramel & Miss Thomas, requesting that we work together to purchase some slide rails and other equipment that out older students could use with their scooters and skateboards during the lunch breaks. This works for everyone – happy skaters who have a few more options to improve their skills, and happy Miss Ramel because there will be no more grinding boards along our concrete steps. The School Council have devised a plan for a lunchtime disco next week, which they will plan and run. All proceeds will go directly to the purchase of skate equipment – watch this space!

MUFTI DAY – next Tuesday 24th September!
Gold coin donation.

This fun day is being organised by our Year 6 School Councillors – to raise money for skateboard/scooter rails & equipment – to be used during intervals.This day will also include: a lunchtime disco (free entry), colour hairspray at lunchtime ($1) and food/juicies to be sold at lunchtime too!

Please help support our school council! Poster courtesy of Sarah Shaw (Totara 2)

Adults Hockey

Hi Snells Beach School Whanau, we have had a request from a team manager looking for adult hockey players to participate in a Thursday night social hockey league.
It’s a 9 aside on a full turf. The comp runs from 17th Oct till 19th Dec, then recommencing in the New Year 13th Feb till 19th March. If there’s any Mums or Dads keen for a run around please email: derrynwhite@hotmail.com