Principal’s Welcome

Our beautiful new school, opened in February 2009, caters for the educational needs of the children in Snells Beach from Year 1 – Year 6. The establishment of a school in this area was a long-awaited event and we now look forward to continuing to build our place in the community and a source of pride for our students and their families.

We want this school to be a place where people feel welcome and secure. The pleasure and responsibility of belonging to the Snells Beach School family is something that we emphasize with the children and something that we hope that everyone who is a part of the school, including parents and caregivers, will feel in a real way.

Learning Philosophy

We believe it is important to educate our children to be strong in the basics of literacy and numeracy and to understand and be capable of socializing well with others, to develop strong values and to enjoy learning – to have fun!

Our curriculum is designed to emphasize reading and writing as well as develop strong numeracy skills, particularly in the junior school (years 1-3). In the senior school (years 4-6) we aim to build on these skills to develop strong confident communicators who can apply the basics to expand their learning.

We apply a strong inquiry-learning and research skills base to our learning at all levels and encourage children to use the many wonderful resources available to them in and around the community – teachers, parents, grandparents, local experts, books, computers and other technologies – to find the answers to questions and research information. We will give the children real and relevant contexts for their learning, and this will often involve trips outside the classroom and the school. This is supported by a strong information literacy and ICT base. The school is well equipped with up to date technology and equipment to ensure equitable access for all children in our community.

Within the school our teachers provide learning environments that are bright, interesting and stimulating – school needs to be a great place to be.

Values and Behaviour Management

We have developed programmes to support the learning environment and the way we care for each other. We are proud to be a Living Values School. It is vital that the school environment is free of bullying and behaviour that gets in the way of learning. Our senior students are expected to model these values to the younger ones and all children will be expected to adhere to these. Our expectations for our children are high because we want them to be the best they can be. Our aim is to assist them to leave us well equipped for the life beyond our school and to look back on their years with us with warmth, appreciation and a sense that they have developed into confident, capable young people.

Thank you for taking an interest in Snells Beach School and welcome!

Kathryn Ramel