School Stationery

You have the option of purchasing through any supplier of your choice, OR you may order online direct through Office Max, who will deliver to your door.

The school DOES receive a 10% bonus from any stationery ordered through Office Max. The link is: Please note that the cost of Office Max school packs may initially seem expensive, but that is because all “extras” are initially included – just “untick” what you don’t require from the optional items list.

Please remember that stationery is an important tool for your child’s classroom programme. We appreciate your co-operation to ensure that all children are prepared and ready to start their classroom leaning programmes with what they need.

Please send named stationery to school for the first day of the school year 1st Feb 2023

Book Covers

We like to have books covered as it prolongs the life of the exercise book and ‘customizes’ it for the student, making it more easily recognizable. We promote the use of the EZcover book covers because they are cost effective, reusable and recyclable. They are available in a wide range of patterns and designs that appeal to the kids. You can see the full range and order them online at:

Please use our school code when you order – XFC186. This results in a donation to our school.

Thank you for your support.