309, 2020

Level 2 Classroom Release Times

3rd September 2020|

Year 5 & 6 Students: will be released at 2:50pm, up the stairs between Totara and Nikau Blocks. Students who pick up younger siblings can do this at this time, but MUST wait outside class.  Year 3 & 4 Students: As above, but they will be released at 2:55pm.   Year 2 Students: Will be released from their classes at 3:00pm.   Rimu Students: Will wait with their teachers on the pathway at the bottom of the hill behind Rimu block at 3:00pm.    Kauri & Rātā Students: Will wait with their teachers at the bottom of the stairs at 3:00pm. Teachers will send students up when they see parents.

Nau mai, Haere mai, Welcome to Snells Beach School!

Our beautiful school, opened in February 2009, caters for the educational needs of the children in Snells Beach from Year 1 – Year 6. The establishment of a school in this area was a long-awaited event and since 2009 we have worked hard to build our place in the community as a source of pride for our students and their families.

Our vision is to continue to create a school where people feel welcome and secure. The pleasure and responsibility of belonging to the Snells Beach School family is something that we emphasize with the students and something that we hope that everyone who is a part of the school, including volunteers, parents and caregivers, will feel in a real way.