Tēnā Koutou, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Namaste, Ni sa bula, Noaia’e mauri, Fakalofa lahi atu, Kia Orana, Ni Hao, An Nyung Ha Sai Yo, Nay Ho, Hej, Hallo, Sawat Dee, Cześć, Goeie Dag, សួស្តី, Здравствуйте, hola, 안녕하세요Greetings to our school families.

Here at SBS, while our learning is incredibly important, we believe building our character is the most important of all. That way we are empowered to make good decisions for ourselves, others and the world – a strong values base empowers us to use our knowledge for good. Each term we focus on one value – this term it is Cooperation Mahi  Ngātahi. Classes talk about this value and we share knowledge about it at our Values Assemblies, which are really our SBS “family meetings”. 

But “Living our values” isn’t really about the individual values – it’s about the process of how we live our lives to show them. We want kids to live all values, not just the ones we choose. We ask our kids if they were “living their values”, or “how could we use our values to fix this” when they get angry or upset someone. Values aren’t a threat – they are a tool to make things better. Quite frankly, with some of the terrible things happening in the world right now, we need to grow kids with stronger values than ever.

Ngā mihi nui,

Kathryn Ramel


School Diary

Week 4: 19 Feb – 23 Feb

Week 5: 26 Feb – 1 Mar

  • Tues 27 – Junior swimming leave school at 9am
  • Wed 28  – Junior swimming leave school at  9.45am
  • Thurs 29 – Junior swimming leave school at 10.15am
  • Fri 1 – Junior beach fun day leave school at 11am
  • Fri 1 – Whole School Assembly

Week 6: 4 Mar – 8 Mar

Welcome to our new students – we hope you enjoy your time at our school!

Isabella K, Otto S and Felix V

A Message From Our Board Chair

Kia Ora Koutou,

The SBS Board are in the process of preparing their Strategic Planning and Aims for the next two years. Our school, and in fact the wider area are in a state of constant growth, and much of the Board’s thinking is around this.
In short, the Board’s aim is to keep what makes our school special at the forefront of their thinking, while also keeping the pressure on the MOE to properly fund property development. Curriculum consistency as we have more classes at each level is also key.
To see the proposed Strategic Aims, and provide feedback, please click this link: https://forms.gle/NuEV3jX9LncQwD6L9
Ngā mihi,
Hannah Edwards
Snells Beach School Board Chair
Living Our Values

Our Value this term is Cooperation Mahi  Ngātahi. These are some of this things your children are learning about this value:


  • Cooperation is everyone helping to get something done. 
  • Cooperation is working together towards a common goal.
  • Cooperation is working together with patience and affection.

Middle & Senior School:

  • Cooperation exists when people work together toward a common goal. 
  • Cooperation requires recognizing the value of everyone’s part and keeping a positive attitude. 
  • One who cooperates creates good wishes and pure feelings for others and the task. 
  • When cooperating, there is a need to know what is needed. Sometimes an idea is needed, sometimes we need to let go of our idea. Sometimes we need to lead and sometimes we need to follow. 
  • Cooperation is governed by the principle of mutual respect. 
  • One who cooperates receives cooperation. 
  • Where there is love, there is cooperation.
  •  By staying aware of my values, I can give cooperation. 
  • Courage, consideration, caring and sharing provide a foundation for cooperation.

Our PTA Rock! Thanks for a huge donation.

Schools are ridiculously underfunded. We simply couldn’t provide the school experience we do, without our PTA’s support. To start our year, the SBS PTA have donated $29,000 and we can’t thank them enough. The SBS Board use this in their budget to provide more essential resources, teacher aide support, enrichment programmes and also to help fund events such as camps, trips, picnics and outings…because life is all about balance and the fun stuff matters to kids. 

From our PTA – Information Day 20th Feb

Tuesday 20th February – meet your PTA.

We will be doing an information table at pick up and drop off. Come chat with us about the events we have on the calendar for the year and ideas you have.  We love an idea!  Then go on… Sign up to our helpers or committee group.  See you then!


Thankyou to Tatum, Blake and Tanah

SBS students Tatum, Blake and Tanah ran a successful business over the summer holidays picking up and disposing of Christmas trees. They have donated a portion of their profits to the school and we are so grateful for this donation. Thanks so much!

Need a new trade quality hammer? Great deal for you and SBS! Thanks Mitre 10

We have been donated quite a number of excellent quality Estwing hammers, as used by many builders and tradies. These are steel, 20 ounce hammers, manufactured in the USA, and usually retail around $85 – $100. Available from the SBS office for a donation of $40 to the school. Great price, great hammer, knock yourself out!

Bottle Caps Please!

Did you know that you can’t put bottle tops (off milk etc) into the recycling any more? It’s ok – we would like them please! Any colours or sizes, but plastic please. Drop them into the office or Rātā 2. 

Thank you for keeping our kids, and each other, safe

We realise that the new arrangements in the school carpark are less convenient for many – we simply don’t have room for everyone to park in front of the office. But the improved flow on both Dawson Rd and inside the school grounds, has been dramatically better. Students and families are now able to safely see and use the crossing outside the office as well. Thank you so much with your support – it is making this a safer place.

School Swimming

What a cracker week it has been for Junior Swimming and the Senior School Beach Day! We are so lucky that our kids learn to be water wise in our beautiful local environment. Check out our SBS Facebook page or Instagram for pics. Thanks to the parents and whanau who come along to support us as we provide these activities. 

Keeping in touch – communication is key

In current times more that ever, keeping in touch is important. We need to be able to contact whanau quickly and efficiently. If you have changed address or contact details, please let us know asap, either via email admin@snellsbeach.school.nz, or by calling the school office 09 425 6058. 

  • Following our school Facebook page or Instagram

“Snells Beach School”, which operate as a digital newsletters. This is a great way to get quick updates and reminders. We post reminders and notices on Facebook – Instagram is more quick updates and snapshots of school life

  • Downloading our School App

Simply download the “Skool Loop” app from either App Store or Play Store & select “Snells Beach School” from the drop down box to receive instant notifications & reminders. This is an effective way to get immediate notices – they will pop up direct to your phone. Mahurangi College use the same app which is useful – just use the drop down box to change schools.

  • Subscribing to our school email database

Please email us admin@snellsbeach.school.nz to be added to the list. If you do not receive this newsletter via email on Friday afternoon, you are NOT in our database. All new families should have been added – please check. You can unsubscribe at any time.

  • School Newsletters

We do not usually print newsletters– just the first one each term while people update their contact details if needed. They are emailed out or linked to our school Facebook page. School newsletters come out once a fortnight – teachers may send home additional class or team messages at other times.

  • Staff Emails

All SBS staff emails are available via our website. Our main email is admin@snellsbeach.school.nz

After School Activities

Snells Beach Netball Club

Hello Netball parents /caregivers!
Please join us on Saturday (17th Feb) to improve your coaching skills! S B netball club will PAY* your fees! AND RSVP yes to Phoebe and receive a $40 petrol voucher*.
(Course payment and petrol vouchers will only be given to those who are committed to coaching or managing a SB netball team 2024)
For more info: Snells Beach Netball Club facebook page

Toukon Ryu Karate

Classes Starting again at SNELLS BEACH SCHOOL on TUESDAY THE 5th MARCH 2024, 6.30 – 7.30PM.
My name is Paul Hart and I am the Founder and Chief Instructor of Toukon Ryu Karate New Zealand; affiliated to JKF (Gojukai Japanese Karate Federation). I have been involved with Martial Arts for over 35 years. I have studied Goju Ryu Karate for the past 26 years and I have been teaching a variety of students from the age of 5 through to students in their 80s!
I’m very excited to be bringing karate to the local community.
Karate is the ideal sport/activity for kids and adults alike. In today’s world it is vital that we equip ourselves, and especially our children, with self defence skills. Karate helps promotes self-confidence, balance, fitness, co-ordination, discipline, courtesy, health and wellness, responsibility, and will power. Children may start training in Toukon Ryu Karate as young as 5 years of age.
I hope to see all the students again from last year, but also all Beginners are welcome to come along and have a go. Uniforms are called a ” Gi ” pronounced ” Gee ” – parents will need to purchase one which they can do through Paul if they wish.
All other information regarding joining etc will be supplied at the class or feel free to txt Sensei Paul on 021 297 2431
FB toukon ryu karate
I look forward to seeing you








Community events