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VCOP and what it means.

VCOP Writing In Nikau 1  we use 4 VCOP Superheroes to help us with our writing:   VICTORIA VISUALISER •      Victoria has the power to help people really see how things look. •      She holds [...]

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Number Bond Helpers

Here are some Internet sites that can help your child improve their number knowledge of Number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Number bond ideas Websites: Online practise: [...]

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Reading at Home with Senior Students

Parents often wonder how they can help to develop the reading skills of children who are already fluent readers. The best way is to continue to share books with your child, regularly listening to them [...]

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Nikau 1 students will be given homework on a Monday and it will be returned the following Monday.   Children will be expected to read at least 5 times a week at home for 15 [...]

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Well Done Nikau 1

 This is a copy of an email about Nikau  Ones entry into the recycling competition in which they designed a geodesic dome to be made from recycled milk cartons from Fonterra milk: Hi Kim,  Many [...]

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