Kids on LaptopA fabulous new learning website is up & running in Snells Beach School. It is an interactive site that concentrates on reading & maths & is set for each individual child’s learning needs. Each child has their own account that grants full access of the programme both at school & at home. Look out for the letter going home next week giving instructions on how to access the site. The Skoolbo programme immerses your child in an incredible virtual learning world & they are motivated by inbuilt rewards designed to encourage healthy use & maximise learning & build abilities. Soon parents will also be able to view their child’s results via a parents dashboard. There is no advertising on Skoolbo & there are no in-app purchases. Children are not able to communicate with anyone else on Skoolbo & there is no possibility of unsafe interactions. The activities are aligned to the NZ National curriculum & will soon have Te Reo & Samoan units included. It contains dedicated areas for children, teachers & parents. We are very lucky to have this programme at no cost, & hope you take the opportunity to use it at home.