New Entrants are welcomed through a series of Wednesday morning pre school visits, commencing about four weeks before your child is due to start school. For the first visit, please meet at the school office just before 9:00am, from where you will be taken to the class, and shown around. Your child will stay at school for the first learning block, and through morning tea break, so they become familiar with both their classmates and the routines. Parents are welcome to stay as long as they wish, although we recommend leaving your child as soon as they feel comfortable, as this helps them to settle in and develop independence. Please collect your child no later than 10:45 – the end of morning tea.

Following 3 Wednesdays of pre-school visits, there is then a “free week” where your child can come anytime, for as long as they want. This provides your child with the opportunity to experience school life at other times of the day, and in different learning areas.

Our New Entrant class is Kauri 1, taught by Mrs Pauline Watkin. Please see the video below to see how you can help your child settle in to school.

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If you have a prospective New Entrant child, please contact the school office for an appointment, tour and enrollment details.