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Sammie’s ANZAC poem

ANZAC brave, nervous, sprinting, bleeding, killing, blood, gun, shot, strong, working, climbing, fighting, tired, gunners, horrifying

By |2015-02-24T09:48:49+13:0015th April 2014|Z2013-14 Posts|Comments Off on Sammie’s ANZAC poem

Art in Manawa 1

This week in Manawa1 we have been making up some kowhaiwhai patterns. We got paint everywhere!!We got paint on our hands, on the tables and even a little bit on the carpet but we got [...]

By |2015-02-24T09:48:50+13:0011th April 2014|Z2013-14 Posts|Comments Off on Art in Manawa 1

Happiness Poem

Happiness is: Birds soaring through the sunlight Music on my computer Dolphins skin glimering in the water Smoked chicken pasta on my plate Chocolate melting in my mouth By Samantha Le Bas

By |2015-02-24T09:48:52+13:0013th March 2014|Z2013-14 Posts|3 Comments