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Men, Blood, Run, Shooting, Hiding, Dying, Gunner, Tank, Pain, Fight Furious, Sore, Poppies   By Luka Vegar  

By |15th April 2014|2013-14 Posts|Comments Off on ANZAC

Happiness Poem

Happiness is: Helicopters in the sky. Pianos playing Feigoas for dinner The smell of guavas. By Luka  Vegar.  

By |16th March 2014|2013-14 Posts|1 Comment

The River Walk

On the 26 February the whole middle school went for a walk around the Mahurangi River. We wanted to get information for our inquiry this year When we got to the river we had a [...]

By |28th February 2014|2013-14 Posts|12 Comments