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You might have noticed,as you wandered past Nikau Block, a 1.25m tall elephant is coming to life in the shared space. This is being built by the Year 5s and 3 Year 6s to show [...]

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Y5/6 Mini Gala 01/05/15

It is that time again when the Year 5 and 6 get together to raise funds for the Year 6 camp this term. So bring you gold coins to school on Friday and come and [...]

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Young Ocean Explorers

Wednesday March 25th 7pm ‘Young Ocean Explorers - Love our Ocean’ Book Launch and Talk with Steve and Riley Hathaway. Lifeway College Hall, 20 Goodall Rd, Snells Beach Books and DVD's will be available on the [...]

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Have a go Sailing

Once again our students have had the opportunity to take to the sea in ships, small ones albeit.  A mixed group of our 4, 5 and 6 students went to the Sandspit Yacht Club and [...]

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Juniors Visit the Library.

On Monday 2 March out Juniors walked, in the sunshine, to the local library through Goodall Reserve. They had a great time there and the lovely Librarians shared stories and information with them. On the [...]

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Water Safety

Well our Water Safety program has finished for another year. The Year 5s and 6s finished in style with swimming in their clothes and duck diving down to retrieve items from the seabed. There are [...]

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Visiting the new Babies

Today, as a surprise, Nikau 1 got to walk to Highfields  Reserve to see the baby donkeys. Here  are some of their thoughts on the donkeys. They were like marshmallows, Lizzie said, Soft, white and [...]

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VCOP and what it means.

VCOP Writing In Nikau 1  we use 4 VCOP Superheroes to help us with our writing:   VICTORIA VISUALISER •      Victoria has the power to help people really see how things look. •      She holds [...]

By |2015-02-24T11:53:02+13:0024th January 2015|VCOP writing in Nikau 1|Comments Off on VCOP and what it means.

Number Bond Helpers

Here are some Internet sites that can help your child improve their number knowledge of Number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Number bond ideas Websites: Online practise: [...]

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