Hello all family and friends. Our class Manawa1 have been doing some picasso cubism self portraits .If you do not know what cubism is I will tell you. It is  making one face sideways and one looking straight at you.  Then halve them and put them together.We got some white paper and some pastels and we drew  the lines of the face with pencil and then we put the back pastel on.Then we put any colours we wanted. It is not the colour of our skin. Just a note, we are not these  colours in real life. The part of a self portrait bit is not  true because we are not all of these colours. All of us had fun doing it .We really like it. When you come to see our work s we hope you can see some more of our work and progress over the term.  We are proud of our new website and  you’ll be able see our work   if you live in other countries and also if you have to go to work and do not have time.  We are excited about this website and hope to use  often. This is our first blog of the year.